Class And Prestige - Laundry Service For Hotel Industry From EcoWash HCMC

EcoWash HCMC provides professional hotel laundry services to meet increasing laundry needs, enhance image and brand value, and leave a good impression on Customers.

Why do you need to use laundry service?

There is a significant laundry demand from businesses operating in the accommodation sector since so many items, such as towels, blankets, sheets, pillows, and guest clothes, are used daily and must be cleaned. Implementing a high-performance laundry department is a challenge for hotels, especially when there is a need for more experts with experience in management and training to maintain the smooth running of specific laundry operations. Therefore, to ensure cleaning takes place quickly and provides quality, saving resources and money to organize and operate the laundry department, using laundry services is the most suitable choice.

EcoWash HCMC - Professional hotel laundry service

Types of services

EcoWash HCMC provides professional hotel laundry services with a variety of categories:

  • Uniform 
  • Hotel guests
  • Towels
  • Bedding clothes 
  • Services required  


For professional hotel laundry services, EcoWash HCMC always focuses on quality. From removing every stain to keeping your clothes and bedding clean, soft, and comfortable, we care for every detail. For Customers, the assessment does not stop at the level of cleanliness; it also focuses on every detail and strength we bring.

Outstanding service quality

The quality of laundry services for hotels at EcoWash HCMC ensures many factors.

  • Clean efficiency: Optimize cleaning efficiency and remove organic stains such as food, drink, and stains from daily activities...
  • Drying: Dry fabric goods and limit mold and yellowing when stored in warehouses.
  • Ironing: A specialized industrial ironing system ensures that clothes, sheets, and pillowcases are wrinkle-free and dust-free.
  • Safe laundry chemicals: Ecolab laundry chemicals that meet ISO 14000 standards and are biodegradable after 28 days.


Advanced ironing system provides excellent efficiency and capacity

Flexible and fast service

Besides quality, fast and flexible delivery time is essential in laundry services. EcoWash HCMC has invested in and equipped a team of high-class vehicles with compact and convenient designs to avoid regulations on inner-city traffic hours. EcoWash HCMC thrives on delivering and receiving fabric goods on time, ensuring service quality even during peak times. The transport vehicles are separate and disinfected to avoid cross-contamination or affecting product quality during delivery and receipt.

xe giao nhận eocwash

Professional delivery service

Professional team and modern equipment

A professional staff that has been carefully trained will provide excellent customer service. EcoWash HCMC is proud to have many years of experience operating in the industrial laundry industry and dedicated personnel. We provide services with the motto: "All for customer satisfaction," helping Customers feel secure when using the service.

In addition, modern equipment systems are imported from advanced countries worldwide. Combining advanced technology and modern equipment helps improve Customers' ability to handle and preserve fabrics most effectively.


Modern dragon washing machine system

EcoWash HCMC offers professional laundry services. Our service quality satisfies Customers and increases the hotel's value and reputation. Let EcoWash HCMC accompany Customers, bringing the best laundry solutions and service quality experience and helping save time and costs.


Contact information:

EcoWash HCMC

🏢 R. 1508, 15th Floor Vincom Center, 72 Le Thanh Ton Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, HCM City

🏭  C5, No.3 Street, Hiep Phuoc Industrial Park, Nha Be, Ho Chi Minh City

📞 (+84) 906 981 113




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