Service deployment process

EcoWash HCMC always strives to bring the highest satisfaction to Customers. With a professional service implementation process, a team of consultants with years of experience and a modern management system, quickly handle difficulties and solve all customer questions 24/7.

Service deployment process

24/7 Consultation

  • In-person consulting at customer's requested location.
  • In-person consulting at the factory - Round-trip shuttle bus service.
  • 24/7 online consultation.

Service experience

With the policy of “Trial for 3 days”, EcoWash HCMC offers a 3-day trial service that is absolutely free of charge and has an unlimited washing volume.

Service deployment

  • Service Agreement to maximize Customer’s benefits.
  • RFID intelligent identification technology helps to reduce 70% of the time of checking - counting, classifying goods, minimizing the risk of loss through each wash.

Delivery - receive/exchange – return

  • Owning a diversified transportation system, professional delivery and receiving staff, EcoWash HCMC is committed to delivering goods quickly and on time.
  • Quality control before delivery. Sewing and editing fabrics when errors occur are free of charge. Moreover, we support returning fabrics when having problems during delivery - receipt.

After-sales support

  • In addition to providing safe, friendly laundry solutions, EcoWash HCMC offers loyal customers a wide range of special promotions. Furthermore, customers benefit from services - optimal solutions from EBS's ecosystem to save time and cost in operation management.
  • EcoWash HCMC commits to keep your information confidential and not provide it to a third party without the consent of the Customer.
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