Born in the context that the laundry industry in Vietnam is thriving. Many large laundry companies race to establish and develop. However, EcoWash HCMC did not choose to follow that. EcoWash HCMC chose for itself a private path with its own philosophy and professional service along with environmentally-friendly laundry chemicals.

Modern equipment - technology

EcoWash HCMC is equipped with modern and advanced machines and equipment with a washing capacity of 53 tons/day. It is equipped with a tunnel washing machine system (also known as a dragon machine) with 13 washing compartments, with a capacity of 1.2 tons/hour, and a single washing machine system with advanced laundry technology to ensure cleanliness. up to 99%. Increase the washing quality for fabrics and ensure that the fabrics are always clean - white - fragrant - safe.

The factory is fully equipped with machinery and equipment to provide professional laundry services for 4-5 star hotels, businesses in the aviation industry, high-class apartments, and resorts in Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring provinces.

Modern machinery system

Safe and environmentally friendly

EcoWash HCMC always understands and determines that environmental protection is an indispensable criterion that needs to be focused on and cared for. Therefore, we develop our principles, such as committing not to use Javen in the washing process, checking the pH in wastewater weekly before entering the general system of the industrial park.

Besides, chemicals used at EcoWash HCMC are imported from the US, modern machinery and technology systems are invested to meet quality standards and environmental protection criteria.


Ecolab is a chemical with origin, production technology from the US, present in over 160 countries. In Vietnam, Ecolab chemical products are one of the most effective solutions to protect the environment when meeting the criteria of safety and environmental friendliness:

  • ISO 14000 certified
  • Biodegradable after 28 days

Environmental friendly chemicals

Environmentally friendly systems and technology

  • The wastewater treatment system is invested in accordance with standards, with a maximum capacity of up to 400 m3/day/night.

  • Wastewater reuse system to minimize the amount of wastewater discharged into the environment.
  • The exhaust gas treatment system meets environmental standards QCVN 19:2009/BTNMT. National technical regulation on industrial emissions of dust and inorganic substances

On 06/01/2022, EcoWash HCMC has been granted DTM Certificate by the People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City pursuant to Decision No.44/QD-UBND. This is a certification to verify that the factory complies with the permissible standards for the level of environmental impact.

Diverse washing technology

Wet washing technology

  • Safe for user’s health
  • Saving cost
  • Environmental friendly

Dry washing technology

  • Do not lose the original shape of the fabrics.
  • Ensure the durability of fabric color throughout the washing process.
  • Higher cleaning capacity than wet cleaning.

Steam washing technology

  • Kill and prevent the growth of bacteria with steam.
  • Eliminate 100% of allergens, ensure safety
  • Eliminate unpleasant odors on fabrics.

Professional logistics

Delivery – receipt transportation

Delivery and receipt of products to customers is a very important step in determining the value of service quality. Therefore, EcoWash HCMC has invested and equipped a team of high-class transport vehicles with compact and convenient designs to avoid the regulations on inner city traffic hours. EcoWash HCMC is committed to delivering and receiving fabrics on time, ensuring quality service even during peak times.

The team of transport vehicles is separate and disinfected to avoid cross-contamination or affect product quality during delivery and receipt.

Delivery – Receipt Team

We focus and are meticulous in each stage of delivery - receipt of customer products by training each employee in each position in communication skills, customer care skills, and organizing periodic assessment and inspection. EcoWash HCMC is always striving to provide customers with the best laundry service possible.

One-way delivery process

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