Delivery - receive process

In order to improve service quality and create convenience for customers in the process of using laundry services at EcoWash HCMC. We are committed to prompt and timely delivery.

Delivery - receive process at EcoWash HCMC

  • Step 1: Gather information from the customer.

EcoWash HCMC is always ready to support and receive information as soon as customers contact us. After receiving complete information, the staff will confirm the necessary requirements, conduct a quote, and laundry time.

  • Step 2: Receive fabric goods at the location requested by the customer.

After receiving the customer's request, EcoWash HCMC will arrange an appointment to receive fabric goods at the location requested by the customer or at the factory. When the delivery staff arrives to receive the item, the Customer will have a delivery note attached to confirm receipt of the item and the delivery time of the fabric.

  • Step 3: Deliver the fabric according to the customer's request.

After the laundry is done, EcoWash HCMC sends the fabric on time and meets the agreed-upon deadline.

Professional logistics system

Transportation of delivery - receive

Delivery and receipt of products to customers is a very important step in determining the value of service quality. Therefore, EcoWash HCMC has invested and equipped a team of high-class transport vehicles with compact and convenient designs to avoid the regulations on inner-city traffic hours. EcoWash HCMC wants to make sure that fabric goods are delivered and received on time, even during busy times.

The team of transport vehicles is separate and disinfected to avoid cross-contamination or affecting product quality during delivery and receipt.

The system of transport for delivery - receiving fabric goodsThe system of transport for delivery - receiving fabric goods

The system of transport for delivery - receiving fabric goods

Delivery team

We focus and be meticulous in each stage of delivery and receipt of customers' products through the fact that each employee in each position is trained in communication skills, behaviour, and customer care skills, while at the same time organizing periodic assessments and inspections. EcoWash HCMC is always striving to provide customers with the best laundry service possible.

One - way delivery process

One - way delivery process

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