Spot Cleaning Method In Laundry Industry


Laundry units often have to deal with stubborn stains on fabrics. Therefore, it is necessary to use spot cleaning before a professional washing cycle to optimize cleaning efficiency.

What is spot cleaning in industrial laundry?

Industrial laundry units often have to deal with a lot of laundries with large and stubborn dirty areas such as ink stains, grease stains, lipstick, rust... When the stains have stuck on the fabric for a long time, the dirt combines to make the situation more serious or even the stains themselves make the washing process troublesome.

Spot cleaning is a method of using specialized chemicals to clean difficult-removing and stubborn stains with conventional washing methods. In industrial laundry, the process is done through a specialized spot-cleaning machine using hot steam and specialized chemicals to effectively remove stains without wasting effort. Each type of stain will require a separate spot-cleaning chemical. If you use the wrong type of detergent, it will easily damage the quality of the fabric. On the market, many different types of spot remover chemicals are classified according to chemical composition, usage, features... The spot removal process needs to be performed by highly skilled people who clearly understand the operations of machinery, distinguish the right type of fabric and spot-cleaning chemicals to ensure cleaning efficiency and safety.


Spot remover machine makes it easy to clean stubborn stains

The spot cleaning process in industrial laundry

After receiving fabric products with stubborn stains, spot cleaning needs to be cleared, including the following basic steps:

Step 1: Check for stains and fabric

Determine the type and stubbornness of the stain, carefully examine the fabric and the degree of discoloration of the fabric to choose the appropriate detergent chemical.


Determine the type of stain and how stubborn it is

Step 2: Choose the right detergent 

After determining the correct type, put the chemical into the eraser gun of the spot remover machine.


Many types of spot-cleaning chemicals to choose

Step 3: Clean the spots

Place the fabric on the spot remover table and spray compressed air, hot water, and detergent onto the stain. Dry and check it again.

Step 4: Wash the fabric

Once the stains have been treated, continue with the next steps of the laundry process.


Do the next steps of the laundry process after completing spot cleaning

Spot cleaning is an effective method to remove stubborn stains on fabric because of the quick effectiveness and cost savings. However, it is necessary to carefully classify the type of fabric and stains then use the right detergents to achieve the best results. Dilute the chemical in the appropriate ratio and test the mixture in a small area before bleaching the entire fabric to avoid damage on a large scale. To ensure optimal effectiveness, treat stains as soon as new spots appear because long-time ones will be extremely difficult to clean. In addition, avoid direct touch spot-cleaning chemicals and use protective equipment (gloves, masks...) to ensure labor safety. Hopefully, this article will help readers gain more information about spot-cleaning methods in industrial laundry.


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