5 Principles For Washing Hotel Towels


Hotel towels have different sorts and must be washed in a particular way. To ensure the quality and durability of towels, the implementers must be aware of the guiding principles.

Popular hotel towels

To guarantee the health and safety of hotel guests, the towels must be routinely washed. EcoWash HCMC lists the following varieties of towels:

Face towels

Face towels are used to clean your face and are usually white with these sizes, such as 40x60 cm, 40x70 cm, and 40x80 cm.


Towels are usually made from cotton material and used to dry the body with various sizes, such as 70x120 cm, 80x140 cm, and 75x130 cm.


This towel is used to wipe your hand and is located on shelving and sinks in the toilet. The size of it is about 10x15 cm and 15x20 cm.

Towels in hotel

Why do we need to wash the hotel towels?

Customers will feel unsafe when they see or use the yellowed towels; therefore, hotel towel washing is important in creating positive impressions for customers when using the hotel’s services. This not only contributes to enhancing the hotel’s brand and quality but also helps protect the Customers’ health.

Furthermore, the hotel employs a large number of towels that are easily soaked. If not cleaned properly, this is a condition for the growth of bacteria and mold, which can harm human health, such as diseases of the skin, ear, and throat diseases, infectious diseases, etc. Besides, it contributes to increasing the yellowing and tarnishing status.

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5 principles for washing hotel towels

To ensure the quality and longevity of hotel towels, you need to comply with the five principles below:

Towel classification

There are many hotel towels with different functions; therefore, you need to categorize them according to color and material before washing them.

Towel classification process

Suitable detergents

Depending on the material of the towels, we should choose a different detergent that suits each material. Do not pour the detergent directly on the towel because it can cause the surface to fray or fade.

Suitable detergents

Avod abusing the fabric softeners

The fabric softeners help to soften the fabric, but excessive use of softeners will damage the fabric. Therefore, the fabric softeners are used at a suitable dosage and frequency.

Do not use high temperatures when drying

The cause of dry, rough, and quickly damaged status is using high temperatures in drying. Therefore, you should choose a suitable temperature for the fabric’s material and dry it in a cool place when drying reaches about 80%.

Choosing suitable temperatures for towels

Dry the towels properly

To prevent the growth of harmful mold and bacteria, towels should be dried in a cool location. Note: Do not dry the towel in direct sunlight to prevent deterioration of the towel's fabric.

Dry towels properly

EcoWash HCMC hopes that useful information will help you in hotel towel washing.


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