EcoWash HCMC is proud to be a laundry service provider for hospital systems and medical facilities that meet the standards and regulations on the management and handling of fabrics set by the Ministry of Health.

In hospitals, medical examinations and treatment facilities, infection control is always an important issue because there is always a potential for infection everywhere. In particular, fabrics used in hospitals, such as patient clothes, bed sheets, blankets, etc. need to be handled and disinfected according to standards to ensure the safety of patients as well as the medical staff.

The washing of hospitals and medical facilities is not just about washing fabrics but requires a strict control process between dirty and clean fabrics. Having separate delivery and receiving vehicles is also important to avoid getting sick from each other.

With a system of modern equipment, the laundry process is built professional, completely separating normal washing and isolated fabric washing. EcoWash HCMC is proud to be a laundry service provider prioritized by many hospitals and medical facilities. At the same time, we are committed to complying with strict regulations such as microbiological testing of fabrics and using safe and environmentally friendly chemicals.


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