EcoWash HCMC Aims for Sustainable Development

EcoWash HCMC is one of the leading industrial laundry factories in Vietnam. We not only focus on improving service quality but also aim at sustainable activities to contribute to environmental protection as well as enhance the factory's reputation in the market.

Use environmentally friendly washing chemicals

EcoWash HCMC uses chemicals from the Ecolab brand for the washing process. This is a US origin and production technology chemical enterprise, which is present in over 160 countries with outstanding quality. In Vietnam, Ecolab chemicals for the industrial laundry industry are one of the most effective cleaning solutions and contribute to environmental protection when they have safety and environmentally friendly criteria such as ISO 14000, Biodegradable after 28 days…

EcoWash HCMC also develops our own principles: the commitment not to use Javen in the washing process, use environmentally friendly laundry chemicals, and check the pH in wastewater weekly before entering the general system of the industrial park.

hóa chất giặt ủi của Ecolab mà EcoWash HCMC sử dụng

Ecolab - Environmentally friendly laundry chemicals

Focus on investing in wastewater treatment systems

EcoWash HCMC also invests in an industrial wastewater treatment system, which uses modern UF membrane filtration technology, to help remove suspended particles, bacteria and impurities. This helps ensure that water quality after being discharged into the environment can be reused up to 70%. This system is also specially designed for noise reduction, automatic control and monitoring to optimize electrical energy used during the wastewater treatment process from the laundry factory. Technical parameters and wastewater quality are checked weekly and transferred to the control room for storage - synchronization that ensures wastewater quality reaches level A according to current regulatory standards.

hệ thống máy móc tại nhà máy giặt EcoWash HCMC-01

EcoWash HCMC constantly improves towards sustainable development

In addition, the EcoWash HCMC factory has been approved for EIA certification by the City People's Committee according to decision No. 44/QD-UBND issued on January 6, 2022. This is one of the certifications confirming that the factory meets the allowable standards for the level of environmental impact.

EcoWash HCMC who has the ability to understand and quickly grasp environmental problems, has consistently focused on using quality laundry chemicals, investing in upgrading waste treatment systems and applying advanced technologies to protect the environment and customers' health.

Contact information:

EcoWash HCMC

🏢 R. 1508, 15th Floor Vincom Center, 72 Le Thanh Ton Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, HCM City

🏭  C5, No.3 Street, Hiep Phuoc Industrial Park, Nha Be, Ho Chi Minh City

📞 (+84) 906 981 113




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