EcoWash HCMC - Appreciation Dinner 2022


On 12th January 2023, EcoWash HCMC celebrated a party with more than 1000 people. They were international and domestic distinguished guests, partners, shareholders, and all employees. 

EcoWash HCMC couldn’t succeed without the contribution and dedication of all executive board members. They worked hard together for sustainable development. 

Immersed in the hustle and bustle of everyone's haste to complete their last tasks before welcoming a perfect Tet, all our company members worked day and night to prepare for the special celebration. It was a wonderful, colorful, and memorable night.

 All our company members worked day and night to prepare for the special celebration.

The party started with a stunning opening performance with melodious, emotional violin tunes in an atmospheric setting of light and flowers.

Guests were immersed in the violin opening performance. 

In the opening speech, Mrs. Tran Thi Bich Thao said: 

"EcoWash HCMC has achieved unprecedented success with our partners' trust and each member's contribution. Tonight is a special occasion for us to thank all valued Customers and all members of EcoWash HCMC. On behalf of the Board of Directors, wishing you a new year filled with joy,  prosperity, and peace. Thank you so much”. 

Mrs. Tran Thi Bich Thao (center) and all members of BODs

We always focus on the human factor in business development. Because of their importance, it helps make work more efficient and safe. Appreciation Dinner 2022 was a special occasion to recognize the best employee of the year, the potential employee, and the long service award. They all work hard to enhance the quality of services and contribute to the company's success. 

 Warmest congratulations on your achievements

We had a happy Lucky Draw Game together with many valuable gifts. Everyone was excited to wait to become the lucky person in this game with their given number. 

The Lucky Draw Game 

This event was memorable for every guest, especially every member of our company. Appreciation Dinner 2022 was a great opportunity for our board of directors to send our sincere thanks to all valued Customers and all employees for their collaboration, contribution, and dedication. Let's continue striving to build a better future in this new year.


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