EcoWash HCMC Deploys Guest Laundry Service

EcoWash HCMC and Taisei VN officially partner to provide high-end laundry services to Taisei VN-managed resident apartments. The Park Residence is among the initial apartment buildings to participate in the pilot phase of this distinctive initiative, a collaboration that benefits all involved and contributes to the improvement of the residents' lives.

The Guest Laundry service is executed as scheduled by EcoWash HCMC, the preeminent industrial laundry facility in Vietnam. Modern technology, a variety of washing processes, and eco-friendly, risk-free cleansing agents are all utilized at EcoWash HCMC. The standard for "Guest Laundry" is expeditious and practical laundry assistance that fulfills the requirements of the local inhabitants.

The streamlined two-step service, which includes the removal of soiled garments and their subsequent retrieval the following day in the apartment lobby, will be introduced to residents of apartment buildings for the first time. For instance, "Guest Laundry" offers customized service packages. Customers can get significantly discounted dry, wet, and premium laundry bundles.

EcoWash HCMC excels at taking care of high-end curtains and garments, including suits, evening gowns, stuffed animals, and more, in addition to standard laundry services.

Residents of The Park Residence shared their appreciation for the "Guest Laundry" service with us, saying, "I am very satisfied with this laundry service of EcoWash HCMC." It saves me a great deal of time and effort that the service is so expedient and practical. "I have no doubt that I will continue to utilize this service in the future."

Nearby resident Mr. Nguyen Van Nam said, "The EcoWash HCMC plant provides excellent laundry service. Laundered garments are of exceptional quality. wrinkle-free, aromatic, and spotless. Even though I don't reside here, I can wash my things here. Time is saved considerably by the fact that everything is extremely convenient. I shall advocate for this service among my acquaintances and family members."

Numerous residents of The Park Residence and nearby areas choose EcoWash HCMC's Guest Laundry service for its convenience and quality.

Customers shall be granted enticing incentives during the initial month of service implementation, consisting of "free laundry of ten sets of curtains for the first ten customers" and "a 20% discount on bills exceeding 300,000 VND."

Customers can utilize the Guest Laundry service of EcoWash HCMC by contacting the building management board, the hotline directly at 0906.981.113, or by scanning the QR code provided below.



Contact information:

EcoWash HCMC

🏢 R. 1508, 15th Floor Vincom Center, 72 Le Thanh Ton Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, HCM City

🏭  C5, No.3 Street, Hiep Phuoc Industrial Park, Nha Be, Ho Chi Minh City

📞 (+84) 906 981 113




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