Hot Water Laundry Notes

Using hot water to wash clothes is one o fthe effective washing methods and brings various benefits. However, this is also the cause of fabric shrinkage and aesthetics loss. In the article below, EcoWash HCMC will share the notes when washing clothes with hot water.

The benefits of washing clothes with hot water

Washing clothes in hot water was not a strange method in the past because it helps to eliminate cold in the washing process while also providing many benefits to users, such as:

Increasing the killing ability of bacteria

Hot water helps destroy bacteria and mold on clothes. This approach is suggested because it does not contain bleach, which is dangerous for children's clothes.

Washing in hot water increases the ability to kill bacteria

Easy stain removal

Additionally, the solubility of the detergent is increased more in hot water than in cold water. It also aids in breaking up the connections between stains on the surface, making cleaning quicker and more convenient.

Removing odors

Bacteria and mold are the causes of unpleasant odors on clothes. So, washing clothes in hot water helps reduce and remove smells.

Hot water laundry notes

Even though washing clothes in hot water has many benefits, there are some negatives, such as fading, rot, shrinking, etc., if you don't wash your garments correctly.

Reading the characters on clothing label

Before washing clothes, you need to pay attention to the clothing label. Double-check the information to make sure that the clothes can wash with hot water and at the maximum temperature. Because each fabric will have different washing and temperature requirements, understanding these terms will help you limit unwanted effects.

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Comply with the laundry characters on the fabric


The sorting clothes determine to wash with hot water and based on various factors, such as:


Sorting between white and colored clothing (light and dark) will facilitate and simplify the washing procedure while limiting the impact on the fabric quality. When washing dark clothing, use cold or warm water between 15 and 27 degrees Celsius. It guarantees the color of dark clothing. You shouldn't use hot water on black clothing since it will make the fabric fade. You can use hot water that is between 30 and 60 degrees Celsius to wash light clothing.

Sorting the clothes by color

Fabric material

Depending on the type of fabric, there are different corresponding washing temperatures, such as: 

  • 30 - 40 degrees Celsius: This temperature is suitable for cheesecloth, is easier to tear, and fades like clothing made from synthetic fibers, woolen, etc.
  • 40 degrees Celsius: This is the most popular method, suited for cotton, and wool, and does not use to wash clothes made from silk.
  • 40 - 60 degrees Celsius: This temperature is for clothes made from synthetic fibers and directs with the skin, such as underwear, towels, etc.
  • 60 degrees Celsius: It is suitable for clothes made from color-fastness fabric, cotton, or other material, such as linen, and cotton.
  • From 60 to less than 95 degrees Celsius: This is a temperature for baby clothes, sleepwear, shirts, or cotton.

Compared with cold water, washing clothes with hot water is more expensive and time. However, it brings many outstanding advantages and is often used for especially fabrics. EcoWash HCMC hopes that this useful information will help you conveniently in the washing process. 


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