Uniform laundry is always the top concern of factories and workshops. Because it not only affects the brand but also directly affects the business activities of the factory. Understanding that, EcoWash HCMC provides production services with high-quality uniform laundry solutions.

At the production service block, we have built and set up separate washing programs that completely eliminate the hazards of microorganisms and bacteria on uniforms. Using specialized washing chemicals that are safe and environmentally friendly, thoroughly treat difficult-to-clean stains such as grease stains, food colours, gasoline, oil, etc.

Not only that, but we also apply anti-static technology to ensure uniform color and durability. At the same time, applying automation management technology by barcode, RFID to optimize time in transportation and management.

EcoWash HCMC understands that each business customer has different laundry needs. So, we've kept improving and adding new technologies to the washing process to make sure our customers have the best experience possible.



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