Dry washing technology is one of the optimal solutions to protect fabrics. Because if you wash the fabric the old-fashioned way, it will lose its quality and the things that are on it.

What is dry washing technology?

Dry washing is the process of using solvents to clean stains on the surface of fabrics without using water, such as tetrachlorethylene. In the industrial laundry, it is also known as PERC or Hydrocarbon organic salt solvent. Used to clean fabrics that require a high level of precision that conventional washing and drying systems can hardly do.

Dry washing technology

Why choose dry washing?

Do not lose the original shape of the fabric

One of the first criteria Customers choose to use dry washing technology is to not lose the original shape of the fabric. Especially for materials made from animal hair or fibres such as wool, silk, etc. In fact, to create styles and keep the folds of new clothes from unravelling, tailors often cover them with a new layer of special "glue." However, when you wash it in water, this "glue" layer is often broken down and loses its shape over time.

Bringing better quality

Dry washing technology brings perfection to fabrics, ensuring colourfastness throughout the washing process. Certain types of clothing that are dyed with water-based substances (a dye whose main solvent is water) will easily fade in water and spread to light-coloured fabric surfaces. However, when using dry cleaning technology, these dyes are quite durable, making clothes less likely to fade.

Higher cleaning capacity than wet washing

Solvents used in dry washing have a very high cleaning ability, cleaning out using spot bleaching methods on fabrics, especially for stains that cannot be dissolved in water such as grease stains.

Why should you choose dry cleaning technology at EcoWash HCMC?

At EcoWash HCMC, customers' health is always the top priority. Therefore, we always choose solvents of clear origin, imported directly from the US, certified for safety and friendliness, and which do not cause skin irritation for users. It also has an advanced washing machine system and a dryer that automatically cleans clothes to make them last as long as possible.

At the same time, the dry cleaning process is professionally built, clear, separating potentially infectious fabrics to ensure safety and avoid cross-contamination. Depending on the material, colour and type of garment, we set up a separate, appropriate washing program that ensures quality and does not lose the original shape of the fabric.

Dry cleaning technology is one of the most frequently improved laundry methods, helping to protect and increase the life of fabrics while avoiding harmful factors such as fading, fraying.

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