Wet washing technology and dry washing are two well-known washing methods. At EcoWash HCMC, depending on the fabric and color, we will use appropriate washing technologies to ensure quality and improve the life of fabrics during use.

What is wet washing technology?

wet washing technology


Wet cleaning technology is the process of cleaning stains on fabrics in which water is used as the medium in combination with washing chemicals, mechanical impact, appropriate washing temperature, and time. After washing, we will come to squeeze, dry, iron and fold.

Advantages of wet cleaning technology at EcoWash HCMC

  • Simple and cost-effective
  • Safe and environmentally friendly because the chemicals used in wet cleaning are not toxic.
  • It ensures color fastness of fabrics because no solvents are used in the main washing process.


  • Clothes can stretch and get tangled together.
  • Some sportswear may require pre-cleaning with a special detergent.
  • Some detergents cause allergic reactions in people with sensitive skin.

What is dry washing?


Dry cleaning does not mean a process of cleaning fabrics by means of a completely dry method without the use of any liquid solution. In essence, this is a method of cleaning fabric fibres that uses chemical solvents instead of water.

Clothes are soaked in solvents and washed without water. It is then dried and pressed. Today, most companies have abandoned chemical solvents because they are harmful to the environment and are opting for "greener" methods. Dry cleaning also has its pros and cons that are tailored to its own fabrics and needs.

Advantages of dry cleaning technology at EcoWash HCMC

  • It is not necessary to use spot removers for microscopic stains on clothes.
  • Do not lose the original shape of the fabric.
  • Due to solvents, since grease is not water-soluble, meaning water cannot dissolve stains, dry cleaning is the best choice.
  • Suitable for fabrics that will decompose in water. For example, clothing, pillows, or blankets are manufactured with goose down filler.


  • Some shirt beads may discolor or dissolve in solvents.
  • Some solvents may not retain the vibrancy of the colors.
  • Cheap solvents can cause white clothes to yellow.


What is the difference between wet cleaning and dry cleaning?


  • The main difference between these two cleaning processes is that wet cleaning is done with water while dry cleaning uses solvent - no water required.
  • Dry cleaning is better at getting rid of stains than wet cleaning, but wet cleaning keeps the color of fabrics longer.
  • Some of the solvents used in the dry cleaning process can be so strong that the clothes become rough.

At EcoWash HCMC, you will feel secure with wet cleaning technology and safe laundry chemicals - friendly to the environment and users. At the same time, EcoWash HCMC is also equipped with modern machinery and technology, meeting 2/3 of the laundry needs in the HCMC area.

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