Rent Or Own Hotel Fabrics - Which Option Is Optimal?

The concern of many businesses is to rent or own hotel fabrics which choice is the most optimal. Let’s learn it with EcoWash HCMC in this article.

What are hotel fabrics?

Hotel fabrics are one of the factors that directly affect the experience and quality of the hotel’s brand and aesthetic. At the same time, it is the determining factor in the competitiveness of hotels. Hotel fabrics include bed sheets, pillowcases, hotel towels, tablecloths, chair covers, carpets, robes, etc.

Hotel fabrics

Owning hotel fabrics


Because of the flexibility in selecting fabric materials, product designs, and patterns, hotels prefer this method. By having a logo or pattern printed on them, hotel fabrics not only have high quality but also increase the brand's recognition. In addition, it enables the hotel to be more proactive in providing emergency fabrics.


The disadvantage of owning hotel fabric is its high cost. It is not only necessary to invest in hotel fabrics, laundry systems, and chemicals; it is also necessary to organize in order to manage, operate, and train housekeeping. The hotel fabric quality can be influenced if the laundry process is not done correctly. And usually, after 1–2 years of use, the hotel needs to replace all of the fabrics, which costs a huge amount of money.

Renting hotel fabrics


Renting hotel fabrics is gaining popularity among hotel enterprises. When the hotel requires a large quantity of fabric during the height of the tourist season, renting fabrics can save time, money, effort, and the management of personnel.

The supplier will be responsible for cleaning and sanitizing it prior to use. By utilizing an industrial washing system with superior technology, fabrics will be effectively cleaned. In addition, the rental unit will assist the hotel in periodically assessing the quality of the fabrics. This allows the hotel's cleaning and organization staff to collaborate more effectively.


Even though renting hotel fabrics is no longer unheard of, there are still few professional and large-scale businesses in the industry. Therefore, the proprietors must conduct extensive research and only rent fabrics from reputable suppliers. Low-quality fabrics and unsafe conditions have a direct impact on the business's reputation and Customer experience. Transport issues, such as accidents, malfunctioning vehicle control systems, etc., will also slow down the delivery process.

Whether it's owning or renting hotel fabrics, We need to ensure the quality of fabrics to bring great experiences to residents. EcoWash HCMC is one of the fabric rental units with quality products and an international standard washing process. Besides fabric rental, We also provide professional industrial laundry service.

Hopefully, the above information will help you have more information about choosing to invest or hire hotel fabrics to optimize your business process.


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